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Are you a domain investor or SEO marketer who's always looking but can't seem to find the right website names that have strong brand and SEO appeal?

Does it feel like you're swimming in a sea of choices with only little, or sometimes even false, information to guide you?

Are you tired of spending all your time and energy competing with others, dealing with price hikes from people who hold onto website names just to sell them at a higher price, or trying to figure out if a seller is trustworthy?

Is your decision-making complicated by not having one place where you can get all the important information you need about a website's SEO value and auction details?

And here's more - have you ever ended up buying low-quality website names because you didn't know better? Or invested in names that just wouldn't sell because you had to guess their value?

Or maybe you bought website names hoping they'd boost your search rankings, but they didn't do much?

Have you dealt with sellers who tricked you into buying website names that were penalized? Felt the sting of losing out in bidding wars or being asked to pay sky-high prices on the marketplace?

If you've nodded along to any of these, know that you're not alone. These frustrations are all too common in the world of website name investing and SEO marketing.

What would you rather have?

Doing It Manually

Save Time With Domainchamp

  • Hard to Find Good Domains: You keep looking for good website names, but it's like finding a needle in a haystack.
  • Wrong Information: Sometimes, you get little or even wrong details about a website's value. It's confusing!
  • Losing Auctions: You keep missing out on good website names in auctions.
  • No Boost to Rankings: You buy website names hoping they'll help your rankings, but they don't make a big difference.
  • Guessing Game: You often have to guess which website names are good to buy because there's no sure way to tell.
  • Guessing Game: You often have to guess which website names are good to buy because there's no sure way to tell.
  • ✅ Easy to Search: With DomainChamp, you can look through thousands of website names easily. No more long searches or guessing games.
  • ✅ Trustworthy Information: You can count on the data DomainChamp gives about each website's value. No more confusion or wrong details.
  • ✅ Win at Auctions: With the right details ready for you, you can make smart bids and have a better chance at winning good website names at auctions.
  • ✅ Easy to talk to: We're always here to answer your questions fast and clearly.
  • ✅ Help Your Rankings: Choose from website names that have been checked for their SEO value. This makes sure your purchases really help your rankings.
  • ✅ Sell Your Domains: With DomainChamp's help, you can buy website names that are not only valuable but can also be sold easily. This means you can make a good return on your investment.

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What Domainchamp Offers

Domainchamp automates the tedious and long process of searching for valuable digital assets, so you can focus on what's important - building your business.

Prefiltered Database

Our system already removed 80% of the daily auctions market that simply doesn't measure up in terms of appraisal or SEO value.

Automated Alerts

Save 99% of time on your search for your next digital asset. You can simply save and get alerted as soon as a domain or website matching any of your preferences pops up in our system!

Gain A 360° View
Of The Domain Market

Searching for the perfect domain name just got easier with 10 live auctions and marketplaces at your fingertips.

Customized search filters

Laser-Targeted Search

Use an intuitive user interface and simple filter system to find the perfect digital asset.

"It’s intuitive, functional, easy-to-setup and presents content in an interactive "

Samuel Marks, founder @Huelab

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Get started using Domainchamp with complete ease

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A database of millions of domain listings that you can search through every day.

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One Dashboard

We've combined the aftermarket into one platform to keep your process streamlined.

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We've helped you find awesome listings. Now, it's your turn to bid on them on the auction site.



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Access to 6 Auctions


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  • Sell on your own terms
  • Website, marketing tools & automations
  • Bandwidth & storage is included
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  • Sell on your own terms
  • Website, marketing tools & automations
  • Bandwidth & storage is included
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a trial?

Yes, you can subscribe to any plan for $1, and test the platform for 14 days.

Can I cancel my membership at anytime?

Yes you can cancel your subscription anytime through your My account.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we allow a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How does Domainchamp work?

It simplifies your search for premium domains with the help of smart filters and our easy-to-use search engine.

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